16 April 2004

My day today started yesterday

...when i saw for the first time in my life the film "A patch of blue" from Guy Green. I fell in love with it. I really like black and white films.
I went to bed early but couldn´t sleep. Stayed awake until four in the morning.
Woke up at seven. Went to work.
Found out i´m in love with somebody that´s not my type. So that´s it for type matching i thought.
Went for a stroll in the afternoon.
Found you.
Found out i´m still in love with you and types somehow do matter.
Also found out the other love is just an illusion to help me forget you.
Decided i must be strong.
And learn how to live with your disability for loving.
Move on to some other arms.
Convince myself that love not always comes through.
And the day went on.
Saw my friend Jo downtown who just arrived yesterday from Barcelona.
Had a long conversation and some good laughs with her and her mother.
Went altogether to this little tabern where they serve "ginjinha" and drank two rounds.
Made a toast to our meeting.
Came home.
Saw "Before night falls" from Julian Schnabel.
Had dinner.
Browsed in the internet.
Had some green tea.
Made it to bed before crashing into the thoughts of you again (...lier..)..