15 May 2008

serve cold

we can´t stop others from hurting us but we can learn from it and start protecting ourselves better.

11 May 2008

Saint John

Conceito: Infante / Brilhante
Fotgrafia: Kay

friendship therapy

"Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans."

9 May 2008


Trovoada e vento forte no interior, com probabilidade de morte súbita

6 May 2008

miss you

4 May 2008

"Send His Love To Me"

"Left alone in desert
This house becomes a hell
This love becomes a tether
This room becomes a cell
How long must I suffer?
Dear God, I've served my time
This love becomes my torture
This love, my only crime
Oh lover please release me
My arms too weak to grip
My eyes to dry for weeping
My lips too dry to kiss"