8 January 2012

om mani padme hum

The Jewel in the Lotus - The Mantra of Compassion This is the highest Mantra for mankind gifted to us by the thousand Buddhas out of their compassion for all sentient beings. It will protect us from all harm , sufferings , ill health , hell regions, It will purify us and free us from all our negative emotions of the Mind and speech. This mantra saves us from the hell regions and hungry ghosts which we have to encounter during and after death. Hence it is beneficial and a most valubale saviour not only during Life on Earth but also after Life , when we have to remain and pass through the six Hell regions in the Bardos. Each syllable in this six syllable Mantra liberates us from one realm of suffering out of each of the six realms of suffering filled existence.
OM liberates and purifies us from the emotions of bliss and pride in the samsaric realm of the Gods. MA liberates and purifies us from the emotions of jealousy and lust for entertainment in the samsaric realm of Demi-Gods.
NI liberates and purifies us from the emotions of passion and desire in the samsaric realm of Humans. PAD liberates and purifies us from the emotions of stupidity and prejudice in the samsaric realm of animals.
ME liberates and purifies us from the emotions of poverty and possessiveness in the samsaric realm of hungry ghosts.
 HUM liberates and purifies us from the emotions of agression and hatred in the samsaric realm of hell. In this way by freeing our consciousness , our spirit energy from the neurotic attachments that our senses are bonded with through the cravings and aversions constantly taking place inside of us ... and in this way creating negative karmas that keep us bound to sufferings and also creating samsara.
 The mantra OM MANI PADME HUM purifies us at 3 levels - Mind, Speech and Body and in this way liberates us from all our negative karmas. Within a short time of meditating on this Mantra , you will experience the opening and development of your heart chakra and begin to feel highly kind and compassionate towards other sentient beings including animals , even the tiny helpless ones . You will develop a magnetic aura around you that will draw other people towards you , attracting them like a magnet attracts iron filings and love will begin to flow in your Life.
Saying this mantra for 21 minutes daily will energise and develop your Heart Chakra and ..... when the Heart and Mind become united , anything is possible.
 This Mantra is popularly known as "The Jewel in the Lotus"or "The Diamond in the Lotus"
("mani" means Diamond , a precious jewel and Padma means Lotus flower which is the spiritual symbol of consciousness ) The Jewel refers to the Mind or consciousness and the Lotus refers to the Heart that is the source of Love energy The meaning of OM MANI PADME HUM is "Om , salutations to the Jewel of consciousness (the Mind) which has reached the Heart's lotus. " A Very Very Important Message Regarding Mantras Your outer world is governed by your inner world, so Divine Powers that are generated inside you , now start making all positive events happen in your life in the outer world. This inner world is nothing but your intent which actually you are expressing in the mantra. So , here ,I wish to make the most valuable statement about mantras. If you don't understand the meaning of the mantra you are repeating and what you are saying to the cosmos from your spirit and subconscious mind, - if you are not visualising this meaning of the mantra by feeling the meaning of the mantra deep within your soul , while saying the mantra , then it is not going to benefit you much . Most people don't even understand what the mantra is all about even after using it for years , so they do not progress much , so we encourage you to understand the explanations we have given on each mantra and which Divine Energies it is attracting and addressing ."

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